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Desert Island Disks

Du Maurier appeared on the radio 4 desert island disks in 1977, which is now available on the BBC website to listen to and to download. It is wonderful – and one of the rare public appearances which du Maurier made, which makes it even more invaluable!




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Interview with Daphne du Maurier

There is a rather wonderful TV interview with Daphne Du Maurier on the BBC novelists archive, filmed in the 1970s and rare as Daphne did not like to be filmed. It is quite wonderful to hear her speak and in her home, Kilmarth. It is like a time capsule from the past, a snapshot of a former time, and it is quite a weird experience to hear her speak as I have not heard her talk before. It is quite remarkable – and she is quite a remarkable woman. Having read everythings she’s written, its quite a strange experience to see her actually speak.

Definitely worth the 50 minutes!


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